The CNG tank

The idea of Gastank Sweden AB is to produce and sell volume optimized gas tanks and systems for CNG and compressed biogas for cars.

As well known one problem with CNG is the need for increased tank volume compared to the volume need for liquid fuels. Normally the availably space in the car does not fit to the shape of normal CNG tanks since the CNG tanks have a cylindrical shape with a circular cross section. In order to increase the volume of the tanks the design of our CNG tanks is more adapted to the normally availably space in the car. Typically the tanks are given a more rectangular shaped cross section. Thus our tanks can store up to 30 % more CNG then normal CNG tanks in the same availably space.

The tanks are reinforced mainly with high performance glass fiber instead of using carbon fibers. This substantially lowers the material cost of the tanks. The increased tank volume which normally results in a lower number of tanks per car in combination with a highly automated and cost effective production results in a very competitive cost per liter installed tank volume.
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