Kurt Berglund has during his whole adult life been working within the area of composite materials, both within research and development and in highly automated serial production.

During the late seventies he took a doctoral degree in Mechanics of Materials and was a few years later appointed as Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm within the same area. At the same time he was working within development of composite components at ABB Plast. Among the products was development of a filament wound pressure vessel with an internal plastic liner for breathing apparatus having a working pressure of 300 bar. In 1989 he started the company Composite Scandinavia AB.

Composite Scandinavia was the first company to develop and commercially produce composite cylinders for LPG. The design of the linerless LPG cylinder as well as the highly automated production method was new. Both the cylinder and the production method were patented.

Today the cylinders are produced in Sweden as well as in USA by Lite Cylinder Company and in South Korea by Chilbo Composite. In USA and South Korea the production and sales of the cylinders is made under a license from Composite Scandinavia. A few years ago a joint project between Volvo, Polytec Composite Sweden AB and Kurt Berglund was initiated. The aim was to develop a new generation of CNG tanks. Due to the positive results of that project Kurt Berglund founded Gastank Sweden AB.
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